Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let's go on a Picnic!

School started on Monday and everyone was enjoying the beautiful weather!

 Picnic Time!

 Outside is now a daily event for our whole family!
#4 Male having snuggling time!

#2 Male practicing his howls while #1 Female waits for her turn to pounce!

#2 Female all played out!

 The whole Gang from left to right:
Stormy, Me, Ellie & the Pups, Brandon and Honey! Ryan is the photographers!
(Reba our Red Head is in training in PA with Scott Mengal)



Run, Little Pup!

Puppies Racing &


The pups had a great time on their first trip outside!
 They love to follow their Aunt Honey, trying to make her play!

Real Progress!

Over the past few weeks the pups have really grown so much! Their little teeth have come in and they are walking much better!

 They are eating so well now!


I have had a few troubles loading pictures on the blog site.  I am hoping that everything is working fine now. Please excuse the delay and I hope you enjoy the picture updates!